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Figment Productions

Figment Productions takes pride in the appearance, performance and quality of our professional sound system. State-of-the-art, yet very flexible, we have the kind of system that not only sounds impressive, but looks as good as it sounds. Soft, dark carpeted speakers will fill any venue with rich sound while blending with any decor. It's a system we are very proud of and we're sure you will be too.

Let There Be Lights!

In addition to the impressive sound system, an equally sharp light display also accompanies us wherever we go. That's right, when you book with Figment Productions, you'll get our professional dance and ambient lights FREE.* Why? Simple. Our job is to entertain you and your guests, and if lights add to the excitement of the music, our show feels more complete. Obviously, some uses of our lights will not be needed in all occasions but we will supply each show to fit your needs.

Lights included at no charge!*
*Lights included only if applicable to venue. Since there is no charge to add lights, there are no discounts if lights are not used.

Music For The Masses!

If music is the heart of any DJ company, than we have a very big heart. Our music roams the spectrum of styles and genres. Oldies, Top 40, Disco, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, the list goes on. Speaking of lists, clicking here will take you to our comprehensive music list. And there's more where those came from. Plus, if you book with us you're welcome to bring any music you wish. We'll play it and get it back to you safe and, of course - sound.

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