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School Events

School functions and DJs are a tradition dating back to the early days of records. With the right combination of energy, technology and music, a DJ can create an event that will be remembered long after school days. Proms, homecoming and holiday dances are always a great opportunity for kids to mix, mingle and enjoy their school experience. Figment Productions knows the secret to presenting a well received school dance.

The Evolving Music Scene

The trends in today's music are as diverse as the people listening to it. School age kids have grown up in a more permissive time although music and fashion are still setting the standards. Figment Productions understands the needs of the kids as well as the staff and parents. We combine a responsible approach with spontaneous energy that gets results. Our shows are constantly getting rave reviews from everyone who organizes and attends the dance.

A DJ or a Director?

A school dance today is more than playing hit music. Like every show we do, we consider the occasion and craft a show that uses music as a tool to motivate, but then rely on the students natural energy. Games, activities and interaction then become as important to the dances as the music.

At What Cost?

Just as there are diverse students and diverse music, all DJs are not created equal. Often times a school will look first at cost, then ability. The result is an inexperienced DJ that lacks responsibilty and discretion. This is a dangerous situation considering some of today's inappropriate music. With Figment Productions, you'll get a high-energy, professional show that won't break your budget. And you'll never have to worry that the music will be offensive to the students, parents or staff.

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Our School Dances feature:

  • Professional, energetic DJs with club, corporate and mobile experience.

  • Responsible, intuitive Producers/Coordinators who listen to your needs.

  • The best in sound equipment.

  • Hit music played in a responsible fashion.

  • A vivid light show, included in every show.

  • Personal service from start to finish.

  • Well dressed, well groomed professionals who like to smile.

  • Competitive rates and easy booking arrangements.

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