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          Frequently Asked Questions     

Listed below are our most frequently asked questions.
If you do not see a question you'd like to ask simply e-mail us at figmentdj@hotmail.com

How do I book Figment Productions?

Simply call (817) 485-0895 and discuss your event
in more detail with us. Then when you're ready to book your date, tell us.
We accept VISA & MASTERCARD over the phone and Paypal online or you can send a check. A $50 non-refundable retainer fee (deposit) is required to secure your date. That's it. But don't wait, our dates book up fast.

What are your payment terms?

We accept retainer fees (deposits) in check, money order, Paypal, VISA & MASTERCARD.
Note: Event is not booked until retainer (deposit) is received. The balance is due before the event if paying by card or at the event by check if desired. Simple.

How much do you charge?

Our prices depend on event, duration and services desired. Please go to Our Free Quote Page to get your no-obligation quote.

How much for extra time?

We charge $75 per half-hour or any part there-in. We will ask you prior to your end time if you'd like to continue your event and for how long. Then the additional fee is calculated and collected after your event and before we leave.

I donít see my wedding song on your list. Can I still have it played?

Of course. Most likely we have your song, it's just not posted on our site. In fact, we have thousands of titles, you simply need to ask or enter it in your custom music list. If for some reason, we don't have it, feel free to provide it for us or we'll make arrangements to get it at no extra cost to you.

What does a Producer/Coordinator do?

One of our most sizable differences is our Producer/Coordinator. While many DJ companies have assistant DJs who take requests and back up the DJ, our personal Producer/Coordinator handles these duties AND assists you and your event. For example, most weddings today are handled by the bride and groom. Our Producer/Coordinator will work with you during the event to see that everything is running smoothly, by acting as a liaison between you, the DJ and the other vendors. If there is a delay, the Producer/Coordinator will know why and pass the information to everyone else involved. It's like getting an extra helping hand, wedding coordinator or just a shoulder to lean on to make your event more enjoyable and less stressful.

How long before an event do you need to set up?

Because our equipment is professional and details such as outlets,
house lights, sound quality, etc need to be worked out we generally require
an hour to set up. Some venues are not as easy to get into because of service
elevators, stairs, kitchens so the time may need to be extended. You never
have to pay more for longer set up times. We will ask you how early we can
set up. In some cases, we will come several hours earlier, set-up then leave
to change clothes and take care of other details. While this isn't possible
for all venues, it is one we try to take advantage of when we can.

Speaking of clothes, what do you wear to events?

Our attire is always appropriate to the event. We will ask you what you
desire, formal, semi-formal, western, casual. When you arrive, you'll see
well-dressed, well-groomed professionals ready to entertain you.

Do we need to add you to our catering count?

Figment Productions rarely finds the time to eat during an event. In fact,
the DJ doesn't leave the "booth" unless he has to and food near equipment is
somewhat unprofessional. On many occasions, our clients will ask us to
prepare to-go plates to which their hospitality is appreciated. But by no means
should you feel obligated.

Who will be my DJ?

When you book with Figment Productions, most likely your DJ will be
Doug Olvey, owner and professional DJ for more than 15 years. You will have
at least one conversation with him before you book. We will never change DJs
without your permission. If there is an emergency, we will provide another DJ
after discussing it with you. If you wish, you may go with another company - in
this case only, your retainer fee and any paid balance will be returned to you.

Can I see you perform before I book you?

While we are confident that when you see us perform you'll want our services, our corporate shows, weddings and private parties are very personal experiences for our clients and us as well. As a courtesy, we do not use a person's event to try to secure other bookings. We'll try to do our best to introduce, inform and explain our business to you over the phone, Internet, mail and in person to convince you that we can be your DJ service of choice. And after you book with Figment Productions, you can rest assured that your event will not be open to other prospects as well.