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Music Search Tips

The interactive tool can be used to effectively give us a list of your Must Play and No Plays.
Before using the tool, you may consider simply emailing us your most favorite songs off the top of your head.
Next, click SEARCH on the tool or MOST REQUESTED and start adding songs to your list.
Most Requested Remember, there are three categories of lists: Add to Must Play Add to Play if Possible Add to Do Not Play These buttons are found under the heading ADD TO LIST. ADD TO Continue to search Artists and Songs and adding them to your lists. If you do not see a Song or Artist, click the Custom button. custom Then manually enter the song. Don't worry, we probably have it. We'll contact you if we don't. In the rare case we don't have it and can't get it - bring it with you if possible. MP3 or CD is fine. If you need to save your list so you can complete it later, click Save My List. save Then later, come back to music search page at figmentdj.com to complete your list. When your list is complete, click Submit My List. submit A submission form is needed to send your list, however not all information is required. Enter your name or name of the party. Email Address. Event Date. Event Time. (If known, if not, simply enter Noon to Noon.) Add any comments, especially if you are a guest of a party and not the host. Example: I am a guest of the Smith/Jones Wedding. Or: For Cindy Jones' 16th Birthday Party Submit form Click Submit and you're all done. We'll get back with comments or suggestions. If you have any questions simply call us at (817) 485-0895 today!

Or e-mail us at figmentdj@hotmail.com